Cupping has been practiced for over 5000 years in many different cultures.

In cupping, heat (a burning cotton ball soaked in alcohol) is placed inside the cup in order to remove all the oxygen and create a vacuum. The cup is then applied to the skin, causing skin to swell. The suction encourages blood to move quickly to the surface of the skin thereby pulling the build up of toxins and muscle spasm from the body's deeper tissue to the surface of the skin. Stagnation of toxins and wastes deep in the muscles or joints causes blockages in the flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body. These blockages, in turn, cause discomfort and pain. Cupping pulls blockages to the surface of the skin where it is much easier for the body to eliminate waste through the superficial blood supply.

Cupping is effectively used to treat asthma, the common cold, chronic cough, active congestion of the liver, diseases of digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems, muscle pains, some skin conditions and chronic pain. It is also effective for high blood pressure, neuralgia, worry and anxiety.

After a cupping session a sense of warmth and well-being invades the body, accompanied by a feeling of light-headedness and some thirst. There is sometimes a short period of tenderness at the points where the cups have been applied. Almost without exception cupping leaves a slight bruise or a ring mark after first application. Normally bruises fade away within a week. The follow-up treatments result in much less bruising or marking, as the circulation improves and the stagnation is removed.

The effects of cupping are immediate. Through cupping, the healing process can be shortened considerably.

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The Cinnamon Honey Weight loss Drink

Has anyone heard of the honey and cinnamon drink that helps rid your body of toxins and encourages weight loss?
The recipe varies depending on who you ask
Cinnamon and Honey formula for weight loss:
This should be prepared at night before going to bed.
1. 1 part cinnamon to 2 parts raw honey. 1/2 tsp cinnamon to 1 tsp honey is recommended but can use any amount with the ratio of 1 to 2.
2. Boil 1 cup water.
3. Pour water over cinnamon and cover and let it steep for 1/2 hour
4. Add honey once it has cooled. Do not add honey when it is hot which will destroy the enzymes and other nutrients in the raw honey.
5. Drink 1/2 before going to bed. The other 1/2 should be covered and refrigerated.
6. In the morning drink the other half, but do not re-heat it.
Reportedly, cinnamon and honey causes a cleansing effect in the digestive tract ridding it of parasites and other fungus and bacteria that slow down the digestion. Once this is all cleaned out, you may reach a plateau. In addition, people have reported increased energy, more SEX drive, and an overall feeling of well-being.

Cosmetic Acupunture

Whether you have had Botox or other injectables in the past, or you are interested in an alternative to it, Cosmetic Acupuncture is an efficient method for addressing fine lines, wrinkles, uneven and puffy skin in the face & neck.
Tiny, painless, sterilized Seirin® needles work to naturally increase your body’s capacity to produce more collagen and elastin. We couple this with a focused facial massage, so your treatment it is 100% organic, painless, and effective.

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Skin Care Tips

1. An ideal resting position for a line-free face is to lie on the back with the knees elevated.

2. Clean your face with warm water then splash with cooler water on a daily basis. You don't have to use soap every day.

3. Moisturize the skin to protect it from dryness, pollution and wind.

4. Exfoliation removes dead skin, makes skin feel good and refreshed. Use a scrub that is gentle to skin (e.g. baking soda) and with the help of your first and middle finger, apply the scrub using circular movements (slow & gentle). Don't forget your neck, back and hands.

5. Exfoliate not more than 1-2 times a week as excessive exfoliation can cause damage.

6. Use an herbal mask (Skin Food Therapy) after exfoliation or simply apply vitamin E to the face and let it soak in overnight.

7. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and there are no oil glands to condition, leading to wrinkles. Use a gentle eye cream and apply with a light patting movement every day.

8. Add vitamin C to your daily cream for an antioxidant effect.

9. Once or twice a week add Ginseng powder to your daily cream (ask your herbalist for details).

10. For acne prone skin splash your face with diluted apple cider vinegar 2-3 times a week.

11. Follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

12. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun exposure.
      ~ Drugs and herbs that may make your skin
         sun-sensitive include:

Rentin A , birth control pills, alpha hydroxy, antibiotics, dong quai, St. John's Wort, fennel.

Use them with care, consult a qualified expert.

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A Non-Surgical Facelift

Cosmetic Acupuncture is an effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging. It is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine, which involves the insertion of very thin disposable needles into the acupuncture points on the face. This superficial insertion will increase the local circulation to the face and stimulate collagen production, which will fill out the lines and give firmness to the skin for a healthy, glowing complexion.
Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat many conditions and illnesses. The effectiveness of acupuncture has been related to the manipulation of the energy points on the body to balance and to remove blockages in the meridians (channels of blood and energy), in order to achieve health and to prevent diseases.
Cosmetic Acupuncture has attracted great attention in the last few years, especially in the big cities like New York City and Los Angeles. It used to be a treatment only for the rich and famous in Hollywood, but now everyone wants the royal treatment.
" A 1996 report in the international journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that among 300 cases treated with Cosmetic Acupuncture, 90% had marked effects with one course of treatment. The effects include: The skin becomes delicate, improvement of elasticity of facial muscles, ruddier complexion, and overall rejuvenation. "
Effects and Benefits
What are the benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture?
Cosmetic Acupuncture may take 5-10 years off your face. It helps to eliminate fine lines and makes the deeper lines look softer. It can also help to minimize dard circles, puffy eyes, double chin, sagging skin, and dropping eyelids. Other benefits include:
~ Relaxes muscle tone
~ Increases circulation, therefore oxygenates the skin
~ Increases collagen production
~ Tightens the pores, and brightens the eyes
~ Keeps acne skin under control
~ Nourshes the skin, giving you a healthy complexion with a natural glow
~ Moisturizes the skin from inside, and gives rosy cheeks to people with dull, tired looking skin
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Does Acupuncture Work?

Water Ozonator

Ozonated Water

It has been shown in scientific experiments that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of oxygen in the blood and the ability of cancer to spread. In other words, the more oxygen, the less your cancer is able to spread.
However, the oxygen we breathe, which is O2, is not what the body needs to stop the spread of cancer. What is needed is oxygen singlets (i.e. O1). The best way to get oxygen singlets into the blood is to get ozone (O3) into the blood, which then breaks down into O2 and O1, the critical oxygen singlet.
One of the simplest and least expensive ways to get ozone (i.e. oxygen singlets) into the bloodstream is to ozonate ice cold purified or spring water (NO tap water). The colder the water is, the more ozone the water can hold and the longer it can hold it.
Here is a complete list of the major benefits of ozonated water:
1) It purifies the blood of some microbes and in several other ways,
2) It is a superb detoxification method,
3) It does kill some cancer cells (but it is probably not strong enough to be a treatment),
4) It can stop the spreading of cancer (the main benefit),
5) It may provide energy,
6) It can help the immune system by providing it oxygen singlets.
Biological Benefits
Ozonated water has a clean, fresh taste. This type of water has been shown in a number of scientific studies to kill bacteria and viruses. It has proven effective in killing E. coli, yeast, salmonella and listeria.
Physical Benefits
Drinking ozonated water increases energy level. It speeds extra oxygen into the body. But the effectiveness of ozonated water is not limited to drinking. Bathing in ozonated water is great therapy for skin disorders. It can be used to treat muscle soreness, spinal and back injuries and neck stiffness. These baths can be incorporated into a healing or wellness plan as directed by a physician.
Medical Benefits
Due to its disinfecting properties, ozonated water is used during surgeries to keep opened areas sterile. It also is used as a supplemental treatment of cancer. Research has shown that the introduction of the third oxygen cell can aid the body's immune system in containing the existing cancer cells, thus preventing the spread of cancer to uninfected areas of the body. Though this is not potent enough a therapy to be used alone, ozonated water has been shown to kill small numbers of cancer cells in patients.