The Cinnamon Honey Weight loss Drink

Has anyone heard of the honey and cinnamon drink that helps rid your body of toxins and encourages weight loss?
The recipe varies depending on who you ask
Cinnamon and Honey formula for weight loss:
This should be prepared at night before going to bed.
1. 1 part cinnamon to 2 parts raw honey. 1/2 tsp cinnamon to 1 tsp honey is recommended but can use any amount with the ratio of 1 to 2.
2. Boil 1 cup water.
3. Pour water over cinnamon and cover and let it steep for 1/2 hour
4. Add honey once it has cooled. Do not add honey when it is hot which will destroy the enzymes and other nutrients in the raw honey.
5. Drink 1/2 before going to bed. The other 1/2 should be covered and refrigerated.
6. In the morning drink the other half, but do not re-heat it.
Reportedly, cinnamon and honey causes a cleansing effect in the digestive tract ridding it of parasites and other fungus and bacteria that slow down the digestion. Once this is all cleaned out, you may reach a plateau. In addition, people have reported increased energy, more SEX drive, and an overall feeling of well-being.